Typical American Bitcoin Investor Is More Likely to Be Republican: Grayscale Report 

Grayscale states that every third American investor would be willing to put his/her money into Bitcoin because of its scarcity and growth potential   

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Digital asset management fund Grayscale has recently published a lot of demographic details about a typical investor who is interested in Bitcoin in its first-of-its-kind report entitled ‘Bitcoin: 2019 Investor Study.’ 

It revealed the age, gender, financial situation, and political leaning of Bitcoin investors in the US.

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A rich parent of 40-smth 

The study shatters the stereotypical picture of a white millennial libertarian man that is usually associated with cryptocurrency enthusiasts in our collective consciousness. This space has rapidly expanded beyond its early adopters.

In fact, the average age of Grayscale’s Bitcoin investor is 42 years while his income exceeds $125,000. There is also a 70 percent probability that he or she might be a parent.  

Women represent 43 percent of the fund’s retail customers, which is undoubtedly impressive for gender equality in the male-dominated industry.

Red and blue 

When it comes to the investors’ political preferences, Republicans have a slight edge over Democrats (42 percent and 37 percent respectively).

Recent congressional hearings on Facebook’s Libra showed there is a bipartisan distaste for crypto (and Facebook), but Republicans tend to be more supportive of the nascent asset class.

For example, US Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) is working on bolstering the crypto-related regulations in the US.  

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