Investor Mark Mobius: I Will Have to Buy BTC If It Keeps Growing, Says Bloomberg

🙇📈The creator of Mobius Capital Partners confesses to Bloomberg that if Bitcoin keeps rising, he will be obliged to start buying BTC😒💶

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In a recent online interview with Bloomberg, Mark Mobius, who founded Mobius Capital Partners and is an outstanding investor working in emerging markets, has assumed that he could enter Bitcoin if BTC continues to grow.

However, previously he was rather doubtful regarding crypto assets and their value.

Mobius does not rule out his buying Bitcoin

Mark Mobius shared with Bloomberg that he does not keep any BTC yet, since he does not understand the idea of what the real value of this asset is.

I’m not a buyer, but I realize it is something we have to account for.”

And he mentioned that if Bitcoin’s price keeps rising, he will have to become a buyer.

The investor said that all currencies, including fiat ones, are based on faith in them. However, it is hard to say, as per him, that Bitcoin at the moment is so widely used, except when it comes to trading on exchanges or drug selling.

In late 2017, Mark Mobius stated that investors would have to leave the crypto sector and switch to gold due to heavy regulations that would be implemented.

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