Bitcoin Hates September: Crypto King Enters Its Uber-Bearish Month

Historically, the first month of autumn is really painful for the flagship cryptocurrency

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According to data on Bitcoin's (BTC) price dynamics registered in the last nine years, cryptocurrency bulls should be more than cautious for the next four weeks.

Is Red September coming?

According to historical data shared by leading cryptocurrency trading and analytics platform, September and March were the two worst months for Bitcoin (BTC) from 2013 to 2021.

BTC hates september
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In these months, the Bitcoin (BTC) price was in the red for six years out of eight. September resulted in painful losses for Bitcoin (BTC) holders five times in a row.

In 2014 and 2019, losses for Bitcoiners were in the double digits yet nowhere near as dramatic as the March ones.

In March 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) lost almost 25% while, in March 2018, the king coin dropped by 33% in 30 days.

Amid increasing uncertainty

However, Bitcoin (BTC) can easily break the trend. For instance, this March ended up with an amazing 29.84% upsurge for BTC.

Right now, uncertainty dominates the sentiment on crypto markets. On the one hand, crypto capitalization almost erased the losses of a three-month-long bearish season.

On the other hand, increased interest in Ethereum (ETH) and other major altcoins can siphon the liquidity out of Bitcoin (BTC).

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