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Our mission

While there is a lot of FUD in the crypto space, we always get to the core of the problem to inform and educate our constantly growing user’s army. At the same time, our readers realize that we are not the first and last word in crypto. It's up to them to decide. Our job is fair and accurate reporting that this industry desperately needs. Every day we work with passion and soul, honestly review the market situation, and find out some new things together with our audience.

Copyright & attribution adheres to the highest journalist standards. All our content goes through a rigorous plagiarism check before publishing. If we a story that has been already covered by other outlets, we always refer to the original source that broke the news. We mainly rely on authoritative news agencies, such as CNBC and Bloomberg.

Fair reporting

We are not going to cut people slack. You may occasionally spot controversial articles on, but we believe that it’s our obligation to shed light on projects or events. We are always ready to hear the other side of the story and act accordingly.

No fake news

To make sure that every article and news is devoid of any biased opinions or false information. Our editorial team meticulously performs fact-checking. If we happen to make a mistake, we will always acknowledge it.

We cannot be bought

Nobody controls our voice. always acts in the best interests of its users. We do not accept payments from other organizations for promoting their projects. Any op-ed article reflects the opinion of its author.