Tron Wrongly Attacked in China, Police Arrived to Defend Office from Those Deceived by Crypto Scam

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The information comes from a recent Medium post published by Tron in which the company reveals the details of the ‘police raid’ that took place in Beijing recently, allegedly, at the Tron’s head office.

The police had to defend Tron

The Medium post says that on July 8, the police arrived not to deal with Tron called by the attackers but, the other way round, to save Tron from them.

Besides, it turns out that the investors deceived by the similarity between Tron’s slogan in Chinese (‘wave field’) and the crypto scam called Wave Field Super Community, believing Tron to be fraud.

What is more, the protestors came to attack not even the Tron’s head office but its affiliate company Raybo Technologies which had submitted many trademarks in the US in which phrases related to Tron were used.

The attackers kept calling Tron a scam and told the media about an alleged suicide of a single mother who had recently invested a bank loan in the Wave Field Super Community.

Tron’s response on social media

In its Medium blog, Justin Sun’s company expressed its sympathy to those who fell victims of the crypto fraud that had used the name of Tron but also showed a negative reaction towards the acts of violence that took place at the office of Raybo Technologies.

Justin Sun also expressed his reaction on his Twitter page regarding the incident.

Current TRX market situation

At press time, Tron is occupying place 10 on CoinMarketCap and is trading at $0.0338, showing a decline of 2.38 percent.

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