Pundi X (NPXS), BTC, BNB Now Available for Crypto Payments in POS Terminals through Verifone

Pundi X has been integrated into Verifone X990 and can now be used for crypto payments in conventional POS terminals

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One of the biggest global providers of POS terminals, Verifone, has integrated the XPOS module of Pundi X into its X990 POS model. Now, customers can pay retailers in crypto as well as traditional fiat currencies.

Bitcoin, BNB and other crypto getting wider adoption

Now that Pundi X has completed the integration of its XPOS module into Verifone X990, the POS terminals of the latter that are scattered everywhere around the world will be able to start accepting crypto and not only Pundi X. The company has shared the news on its Medium blog.

BTC, NPXS, KCS, XEM, BNB and a few other coins will be at the service of customers to pay with and retailers to accept for their goods and services.

The Pundi X CEO, Zac Cheah, has commented on the news, saying that the company’s mission is to make DLT and crypto available for using on a global scale and that the recent partnership with Verifone is a huge step in that direction.

The head of Asia Pacific branch of Verifone, Yiannos Papadopoulo, also expressed his excitement about the partnership.

About Verifone X990

Verifone X990 is the most recent model of Verifone’s POS terminal based on Android. Customers now can use their Pundi XPASS cards, as well as their XWallet app for making transactions in retail stores using traditional point-of-sale terminals.

The XPOS module by Pundi X will allow them to automatically convert BTC, BNB, NPXS and other coins into fiat for making a purchase.

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