Justin Sun Invited Donald Trump To Their Lunch With Buffett

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Before Trump's tweet about his attitude to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies managed to scatter over the Internet, Justin Sun, one of the top marketers in the crypto industry, managed to take advantage of the situation.

Recall, that July 11 on the official page of US President Donald Trump appeared a tweet in which he calls Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air”. 

In addition, Trump credits the crypto with complicity in illegal activities.

One of the first to respond to the tweet was Tron CEO, Justin Sun, who recently bought the opportunity to dine with the legendary investor Warren Buffett. Their lunch is scheduled for July 25th. 

Taking advantage of this, Sun invited Donald Trump to join their company. He says that the US president was “misled by fake news” about cryptocurrencies, and also promises that after this lunch Trump will know absolutely everything about crypto.

Official reaction from the president has not yet followed, although who knows what to expect from this outrageous person.

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Denis Sinyavskiy

Starting with a simple interest in cryptocurrency, over the past two years, Denis has worked in a cryptocurrency fund and become an author with an analytical bias. His engineering degree helps with the analysis of the technical part of the cryptocurrency market. As a fan of cryptocurrency, Denis believes that the blockchain technology is the future.

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