Gold (XAU) Ounce Price Will Be Bigger than Bitcoin Price, It’s Just Matter of Time: Peter Schiff

Analyst Michael van de Poppe spreads the word that more institutional investors are turning towards crypto, while Peter Schiff launches a gold price vs BTC price poll

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A renowned Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff is confident about the XAU price beating Bitcoin eventually that he has launched a Twitter poll to pick his followers’ votes.

Meanwhile, a top Dutch-based analyst elaborates that more institutional investors are turning towards crypto and Bitcoin.

Peter Schiff launching a gold vs Bitcoin price poll

The CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, a well-known gold advocate and a Bitcoin hater, has again tried to force his anti-BTC vision on to the community, saying that eventually the price of one gold ounce will be higher than what one single Bitcoin is worth.

Mr Schiff set up a Twitter poll with several time periods to choose from as to how soon one XAU ounce would become more expensive than one BTC.

However, he also added a ‘never gonna happen’ choice to it, which the majority (66.4 percent of respondents) has chosen so far.

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‘More institutionals are showing signs of interest for crypto’

In his recent tweet, the Dutch-based full-time trader and analyst Michael van de Poppe pointed out that cryptocurrencies (and Bitcoin in particular) has been attracting more and more attention and interest from financial institutions.

The analyst also mentioned more retail investors stacking Sats, saying that currently it is about selling USD to get more BTC.

Image via @CryptoMichNL

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‘The smartest money in the world is betting on blockchain and crypto’

Mounia Rabhi, public rep of ICON, has compared blockchain and crypto these days to Tesla ten years ago.

Ms Rabhi tweeted that back then, the smartest money was betting on Tesla and now it is betting on DLT and crypto.

On June 30, 2010, Tesla launched an IPO, valuing the company at $1.3 bln. Today, Tesla led by Elon Musk is worth $200 bln.

Image via @Mounia_NL


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