China Shows Quickly Rising Interest in Libra Coin, Research Says

As per the recent data, China shows a high interest in Facebook’s crypto project as opposed to other countries and their central banks

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As Libra Coin keeps raising concerns of central banks and lawmakers in various locations on the globe, China, on the contrary, is showing deep interest in this crypto project

This is happening, despite the fact that the Celestial has banned both crypto in general and the use of Facebook as well.

Web searches on Weibo for Libra are soaring

Coindesk reports that the amount of Internet searches on the Chinese analogue of Google – Weibo – has been surging recently.

The first two places among the favourites of web searching belong to taking the Mona Lisa painting out of the Louvre for the first time since 2005 and Chinese film celebrities. Libra takes place #3 after those. Previously it took the second place but has now moved a little lower.

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Google Trends shows the same

Data from Google searches demonstrates that there a lot more people searching info on Libra in China than in any other country of the world. Those searches reached their peak at the time when the stablecoin’s white paper was released. As per Coindesk, US comes 14th on this list of Libra-curious countries.

Notably, China has blocked not only crypto and Facebook but Google as well. However, there seems to be enough people who avoid this prohibition to take China to the first place.

Searches for regulation of Libra have been too few to make any evaluations regarding locations or any similar list of countries.

Among other countries where people have been very much active searching for data on Libra on Google are South Africa, Pakistan and Singapore.

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