‘Binance Hacker’ Posts KYC Data on Twitter, Promises to Publish More Soon

The hacker that allegedly stole personal data of customers from Binance is leaking the KYC info on his Twitter account, saying that these posts are just a beginning

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The person who claims to have robbed Binance of its KYC data recently is posting some of the data on his Twitter page and promises to release more later on.

Just ‘warming up’

In a tweet published today, on August 16, Bnatov Platon posted a sample of Binance client data that the platform collects for KYC policy purposes. Recently, a KYC data leak from Binance was reported.

Bnatov Platon either has actual KYC data stolen from Binance or wants to make the community believe s/he does.

The tweet that contains an image goes with a comment:

Warming up

In earlier tweets, the hacker also posted screenshots from chats in Telegram. Among them, there was a chat with somebody who the hacker describes as a Binance team member.

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Binance denies the KYC leak, opposes the blackmailer

Earlier in August, it was reported that KYC data, consisting mainly of ID photos and other customer personal details, was stolen from Binance.

However, Binance’s CZ denies the data leak ever took place.

In a blog post, he writes that a person claiming to have the data in question had contacted the Binance team, demanding a ransom payment of 300 BTC for not publicizing the allegedly stolen KYC data.

CZ says that the samples the self-proclaimed hacker sent them look more like images of customer IDs which were stolen back in early 2018 when Binance used the services of a third party to store their customer data.

The digital exchange now offers a reward of up to 25 BTC ‘depending on the relevance of the data supplied’.

The Tron founder Justin Sun joined this initiative and offered 10 BTC on top of that to those who will help identify the blackmailer of Binance.

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