Mastercard Starts Creating Its Own Cryptocurrency Team

The large payment company Mastercard starts the assembling of its own cryptocurrency company. The main tasks will be tracking trends and developing new products.

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With the advent of cryptocurrencies involved in international payments, large payment companies have to adapt and evolve. Mastercard wants to be one of the pioneers, so it announced the assembling of its own team for working with cryptocurrencies, NYPost reports.

Aims and thoughts

The main tasks of the team will be tracking market trends, as well as developing new products and solutions related to cryptocurrencies.

The main question posed by Mastercard is:

“Do you have the desire to work at the cutting-edge intersection of payments and cryptocurrencies?”

Analysts recognize this decision as “a smart move”, and one Ted Rossman, an analyst with, speaking on the company's intentions said the following:

“Mastercard wants to be known as more than a card company; it wants to be a technology company.”

One of the opinions of MasterCard’s intention to create a cryptocurrency team was Bill Hardekopf, chief executive of, here are his thoughts:

“Mastercard sees there’s a lot of activity in this area. Even if it isn’t going to offer its own cryptocurrency, they know it’s important to have people who understand the subject.”

The company opens up new boundaries for itself, in search of ways to create value, and cryptocurrencies may be exactly what they need.

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