IOTA-Powered Charging Station Prototype Released by Pagi

Pagi shares a sneak-peak of how its new 'charging station' accepts micropayments for electricity bills

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Pagi, a German-based startup tasked with building 'Internet-of-Things' devices, has released a prototype of its latest gadget. It is a low-cost charging station powered by the IOTA data transfer protocol.

Pagi Station powered by IOTA

In its recent tweet, the Pagi team shared a YouTube video displaying the work of Pagi Station. This small device sells the electricity through the system of IOTA-powered controllers.

Pagi introduces IOTA-powered portable charging station
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The new device supports NFC technology, so, to activate it, a user needs only his/her smartphone with a IOTA wallet installed. Also, a QR-code can be used to initiate a transaction.

Once the transaction is received by device, Pagi Station turns on and starts to charge all plugged mechanisms.

The whole concept is built on the 'Pay-Per-Use' principle facilitated by decentralized micropayments. With IOTA transactions integrated in 'Smart City' gadgets, Pagi allows monetizing every source of electricity, water, as well as many other types of devices.

IOTA's Dominik Schiener approves the new concept

A co-founder of IOTA Foundation, Dominik Schiener, has highly praised the results of Pagi development progress and congratulated the innovators on the accomplished milestone:

Dominik Schiener sends kudos to Pagi devs
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As covered by Cryptocomes previously, Pagi has an ambitious roadmap. It includes the releases of first IOTA-powered devices for daily usage in Q1, 2021. Systems of Pagi 'Pro' will be avaliable as early as in Q4, 2021. Those will harness IOTA protocol power for B2B integrations.

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The low-cost 'Pay-Per-Use' principle of Pagi systems includes three types of micropayments, namely consumption-based, timely-based and action-based transfers.

Besides that, the IOTA Foundation has held an 'Integrate Everything' hackathon focused on the real-world adoption of IOTA-powered microcontrollers.

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