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Cryptocurrency Trader Josh Rager Predicts Bitcoin Price Above $11 000

  •  Denis Sinyavskiy
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    According to popular crypto analyst and trader Josh Rager, Bitcoin is close to breaking through the $11,000 mark.

Cryptocurrency Trader Josh Rager Predicts Bitcoin Price Above $11 000

Well-known crypto analyst and investor Josh Rager continues to delight Bitcoin fans with his price predictions. This time, in his Twitter account, he predicted that the main cryptocurrency would break above $11,000 in the near future.

Definitely no bearish!

He also expressed misunderstanding about the bearish moods of some people, especially if to look on the “naked chart perspective”. Based on the 1D charts technical indicators, the price still tends to the mark of $11,300.

In his subsequent tweet, Josh gave a bitcoin price forecast based on the weekly graphs. Technical indicators remained almost the same and confirmed the need to break $10,800 mark to gain a foothold above $11,000. Based on this analysis, the goal is a mark of $11,469.

Follower’s question to Josh Rager
Image by Twitter

One of the followers inquired about Josh's opinion about the possibility of Craig Wright getting 1.1 million Bitcoins, as well as the prospects for dumping on his part. Rager replied that Wright is “full of hot air” and simply calls himself Satoshi, nothing more.

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