Chainlink (LINK) Now Holds 8th Spot on CoinMarketCap Pushing BNB to #10

Promising altcoin LINK has moved to the 8th position on CoinMarketCap, pushing Binance Coin back to spot #10

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The altcoin that has been making headlines recently, LINK, has reached the eighth spot on the top ten scale. Binance Coin (BNB) has rolled back to spot tenclose to leaving the top ten list.

It has also shifted Litecoin, the digital silver, to position nine.

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LINK moving up the top-10 list of cryptos

LINK is one of the coins that the Crypto Twitter community has been discussing actively as of late, along with another altcoinDOGE.

LINK has been showing sharp growth recently. According to data provided by CoinMarketCap, LINK's price suddenly rose from $4.86 on June 6 and jumped over the $6.00 barrier. After spending some time in that range, the coin spiked from $6.19 over the $7 resistance and then moved above $8.

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Peter Brandt spotting an "ascending triangle" on LINK

At press time, after reaching a high of $8.66 and surging around forty percent, LINK has slid a little and is sitting at $8.25.

Recently, prominent trader and chartist Peter Brandt commented on LINK's massive spike. He stated that LINK's price on the chart had come out of an ascending triangle formation prior to rising.

Curiously, prior to that, Peter Brandt referred to LINK as a "big nothing."

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