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CryptoGames possesses a user interface that is praised by its gambling community for its mesmerizing design and simplistic outlook

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Online casinos have revolutionized entertainment at a time when billions of dollars are spent in the entertainment industry daily. People from all over the world are completely fascinated with online gambling and are flocking to online casinos to wager and bet with cryptocurrencies! This extreme necessity of online wagering has ignited the rise of gambling websites far and wide on the internet to accommodate the horde of online gamblers. Moreover, a myriad of these online casinos are not adequately prepared to handle the gigantic numbers of gamblers heading their way, and often many gamblers are dissatisfied after having their expectations crushed. This is where gamblers can look up to the magnificent gambling site known as CryptoGames to satiate their high expectations and set a standard that other online casinos can look up to.

CryptoGames is owned by a renowned Curacao based company known as MuchGaming B.V . The online casino is authorized and under the complete regulation of the Curacao government. From its initiation into the gambling world, the casino has prompted huge praise and appreciation from stakers all over the world who rushed to the online gambling utopia to relish its fabulous services. Below are some of the impressive services bestowed by the casino that helps it in attaining a very respectable position in the gambling world:

Be intrigued by our state-of-the-art User interface

CryptoGames possesses a user interface that is praised by its gambling community for its mesmerizing design and simplistic outlook. The interface is superbly user-friendly and always operates at maximum efficiency. First-time visitors on the site can navigate through the site with relative comfort and ease. Veteran and novice online gamblers can both browse through the different pages of the site with little to no effort. The active chat box acts as an impressive medium for users to communicate with each other. The interface has been designed in a way that there are no distracting designs so that gamblers can invest their full focus in the games.

Over time the interface has been updated routinely and now users experience exemplary gameplay. Devices that have low specifications can also be used to play the games as the platform is superbly light. Only a few clicks are required to switch between games. Users can check betting history beside any games that are being played at that moment. User accounts can also be customized by utilizing the settings at the upper right side in “Your Account” and themes can also be altered by accessing options there. “Dark Mode” is a mesmerising feature that has attained community-wide praise and players can set this beautiful theme by clicking the “moon shaped” icon. All other additional information such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Chat Rules and Support links are available at the end of the page.

Entertain yourself with our provably fair games!

CryptoGames has a collection of the most thrilling and engaging games that thoroughly entertain the myriads of gamblers of the casino. These games are highly adored by gamblers all over the internet and some of these games pre-existed the internet era! The old school ambiance of these games is highly sought by many users which is why the games are always in high demand. CryptoGames has provided an abundance of tutorials and guides so that users can establish a strong understanding of the games and play them masterfully. The casino has also decided to limit the collection of games to a strict number of 8 as it does not want to intimidate players with an exorbitant number of games. The games provided by CryptoGames are - Dice, Slot, RouletteBlackjack, Lotto, PlinkoVideo Poker and Minesweeper.

Lastly, the games provided by the casino are provably fair. Provable Fairness is a methodology where cryptographic techniques are used to assist players in verifying results of bets and to confirm that online casinos do not tamper with outcomes. All of this signifies that the casino is completely neutral. CryptoGames has also supplied users with a helpful guide on the process of verifying bets by maneuvering hashes and seeds. The casino has also made all necessary data publicly available so that users can confirm results using this data.

Increase your odds of winning with low house edge

CryptoGames offers a competitive house edge that is appreciated by many from the gambling community. The casino has the lowest house edge in dice with only 0.8%. Lotto has 0% house edge, and all winnings are rewarded to the winners. All the other games also have an extremely reasonable house edge that gives users much better odds of winning. More about the house edge can be found in the FAQ.

Complete transactions swiftly and effortlessly with the assistance of CryptoGames financial options

In the gambling world, time is an awfully expensive commodity. Wasting time in trivial matters such as deposits and withdrawals are lethal towards a user’s endeavor in becoming a better gambler. CryptoGames prioritizes a gambler's time which is why it has introduced features that enable a gambler to make financial transactions with speed and comfort. The casino directly supports 10 different varieties of cryptocurrency and accepts any transaction made with these coins. The cryptocurrencies accepted by CryptoGames are - Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. Moreover, “Play Money”, a test currency, is also provided by the casino and is used by gamblers to experiment with ideas and strategies. This handy coin does not affect the gambler’s balance when used!

Furthermore, the casino has also integrated “Coinswitch” into its platform, allowing users the option of depositing and withdrawing various types of altcoin that the gambling website does not directly deal with. These altcoins have to be deposited through the Coinswitch interface which will transform the altcoins to a type that the casino accepts. The coins can also be reverted to their original form by again utilising the handy Coinswitch feature. This useful system facilitates more fluent and smooth financial transactions in CryptoGames.

Participate in mesmerizing promotions and claim lots of lucrative gifts!

CryptoGames harbours a profound love for celebrations and promotional events! Join the daily challenge events and win some free coins. Each year the casino also hosts a myriad of lucrative events where users from all over the casino grab huge quantities of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets, and other exquisite presents! Additionally, users can play custom games during these occasions and win more coins and rewards! The CryptoGames social media account and the Bitcointalk forum notify users about the events and contain valuable info about them. In the previous Halloween and Christmas celebrations, all gamblers on the casino were handed free coins via their emails! Every Monday the casino hosts a regular No Bet Limit event where users have a guaranteed opportunity to earn a higher number of coins! This is because the casino allows users to set a larger number of wagers per second during the day! Mondays will never be boring again!

CryptoGames also offers attractive incentives like Faucet and Rain!

The stakers at CryptoGames are extremely pleased and satisfied with the incentives the online casino offers. One such outstanding incentive is the faucet where the casino gives away complimentary coins to players that they can use to implement various game plans or schemes. These precious coins can be used by users to raise their skill level by testing different schemes without troubling their coins from their balance. Players who have higher levels of faucet will attain a higher amount of these coins than those with lower levels. A list of objectives must be done to increase the level of faucet. Players with a maximum level of faucet can earn up to 6,150 satoshis.

Rain is another precious gift to the users of CryptoGames. Here, active chatters are recognized and are granted free coins at random intervals for their good nature and their amiability in the community. Spammers are also accurately recognized by a clever system installed by CryptoGames and are not granted any complimentary coins. Rain is a blessing for the community of users as it directly encourages friendly behavior in the community and leads to the creation of a wonderful atmosphere in the gambling site.

Earn an opportunity to win gigantic jackpots!

The elite casino, CryptoGames has some games that come with massive jackpots! These bountiful prizes are always kept under surveillance by devoted gamblers who are trying their utmost to claim these outstanding rewards! Currently, Dice and Roulette are the games that come with gargantuan jackpots! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin now stands at an astonishing 3.824 BTC, waiting to be won by a very ingenious and clever user! Not to worry if you are an altcoin gambler, they have their own jackpots.

Have a look at our magnificent Referral Rewards!

The referral program of CryptoGames has gotten countless individuals interested in the casino. 15% of the house edge of the wagered amount will be given to users for every referral that they make. Moreover, the referral commission will be granted to the user forever, regardless of any bet loss or win. The casino also allows gamblers to contact them directly to negotiate a custom rate in cases where one can offer something special to the casino or are interested in a partnership with the casino.

You can always contact support in case of any queries, suggestions, or emergencies

The CryptoGames support team is composed of a team of individuals who are always prepared to handle any issues that users might face. They will effectively respond to any questions or suggestions that users might provide and are also ready to aid users in case of any emergencies. The chat box can be used as a Live Support by users to reach necessary individuals. Support can also be contacted via emails which will be answered within an hour during weekdays and within 24 hours during weekends. The Bitcointalk forum can also be used to reach support by directly private messaging them or asking for help in their official announcement thread. Lastly, the casino has also taken steps in case of events when the users start to question his/ her stance in gambling. There is a "Self Exclude" option in the account settings that can be used by any individual to briefly block the account. This feature comes in handy when a gambler feels he is spending too much time gambling and needs to take some time off before he is ready to bet again.

Final Words

CryptoGames has all the attributes expected from an elite online casino. It provides a set of services that thoroughly satisfies its fabulous user base and assists in setting a high standard in the gambling world. This wonderful casino has undertaken a vow to strive towards maximum customer satisfaction and to always provide top-notch services to the community. Lastly, the main goal of CryptoGames is not to make only profit but to provide their users with the best experience. CryptoGames will always be a casino where gamblers can find top-notch entertainment along with making some overwhelmingly impressive profits. Do not wait any longer and become a part of this majestic casino today.

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