XRPL Daily New Accounts Volume Up 291% Since July

Numerous on-chain metrics indicate dramatic increase of interest in XRP wallets and transactions

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XRP Ledger statistics on new accounts, provided by XRP Scan blockchain explorer, demonstrated a sustained increase of interest in XRP transactions. This trend is in line with the upsurge of some other XRP metrics in July 2020.

Daily number of new XRP accounts almost tripled in July

According to XRP Scan ledger explorer, the number of newly-activated XRP accounts has showcased an upsurge in late July. To compare, during the first few days of July, 700-800 new XRP wallets were activated within 24 hours. Yet more than 6,000 accounts were activated during the first three days of August.

Number of new XRP accounts skyrocketed in late July, 2020
Image by XRP Scan

XRP token transactions are not the only metric that has skyrocketed in recent weeks. The crucial metricthe total number of transactions executedalso impressed XRP users to the tune of double-digit gains during the first few days of August.

On August 1-2, this indicator gained 34.5 percent, bringing forth a total of 1,321,620 transactions executed in 24 hours alone.

Finally, the number of transactions per ledger witnessed an impressive upmove as well. During the first two days of August, it added 51 percent. On August 3, the average XRP ledger initiated almost 60 transactions in 24 hours.

Has interest in XRP increased?

Previously, CryptoComes covered some non-blockchain metrics that confirm the idea of increasing interest in the XRP token. According to Google Trends, searches for "XRP" set a new yearly high during the last days of August for three countries. Clearly, a large share of citizens from those three countries are interested in crypto and blockchain.

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Which three countries are they? In the United States, crypto interest witnessed an impressive upmove and inched closer to the levels of June 2019. In India, the "Interest Over Time" relative indicator has surpassed February highs by almost 40 percent. In the Russian Federation, this indicator surged six times in June and July of this year and also revisited yearly highs.

In contrast, searches for "Bitcoin" are nowhere near historic highs. "Ethereum" resembles "XRP" more closely, but its popularity grows in line with the bullish rally of the ETH/BTC price quotation.

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