XRP Holders Invited to Delegate Their Spark Tokens "From Day One"

Scandinavia-based delegation service has shared a meaningful announcement for XRP Army

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Newly-launched service ScandiNodes launches "early birds" campaign to attract Spark tokens delegators. The XRP Army highly praises the new opportunity to earn on idle Spark bags.

ScandiNodes welcomes first Flare delegators

According to the official announcement by ScandiNodes staking and delegation service, it is ready to onboard Spark delegators from "day one" of Flare fork. Thus, every Flare enthusiast may delegate his/her tokens and participate in network consensus without running any hardware.

ScandiNodes service invite all XRP holders to become Spark delegators
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Flare blockchain design includes Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which allows Spark holders to contribute to network consensus. Every Spark owner can choose a dedicated data provider to contribute to FTSO on his/her behalf.

Votes (actually, Spark tokens) can be redelegated from one provider to another at any moment. Spark owner can provide his/her tokens as a collateral to FXRP (blockchain application) and earn on them by delegating simultaneously.

Therefore, moving tokens means transferring voting power from one delegation service to another. Once Spark is transferred, its delegation is cancelled automatically. That allows the whole Flare delegation design to be more flexible than in existing delegated proof of stake (DPoS) systems.

100 XRP as a bonus for lucky delegators

To celebrate the launch of the first-ever Spark delegation service, ScandiNodes initiates a promo campaign. Every follower of its Twitter account can win 100 XRP by tagging three friends. Three prizes will go to the winners prior to the Dec. 12 snapshot.

Thus, lucky delegators can receive 100 additional Spark tokens since Flare Networks will distribute Spark 1:1 to XRP holders who claim Spark before the snapshot takes place.

The delegation service arrives as one more element of Flare-oriented infrastructure. As covered by CryptoComes previously, Flare Finance protocol promotes itself as the first DeFi based on Flare blockchain.

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Flare is a "utility fork" of XRP Ledger, which will harness its liquidity with smart contract functionality. Flare will utilize Avalanche consensus and will be fully Ethereum-compatible.

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