Tether Migrates to Multiple Blockchains to Obfuscate Its Transactions: Bloomberg

Is Tether slowly abandoning the Bitcoin Blockchain to cover its tracks?

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In case you didn’t notice, there are already multiple versions of the Tether stablecoin, which is responsible for the lion’s share of trading volume on Binance and other major exchanges.

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According to Bloomberg, the controversial stablecoin issuer is moving USDT to other Blockchains to complicate the task of tracking all of its transactions.

With them being on different blockchains, it’s harder to figure out what’s going on claims Edwin Ong of Blockspur.

EOS became the latest Blockchain to host the USDT stablecoin after TRON and Ethereum.

On July 29, another version of Tether was launched on Blockstream’s Liquid Network.

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