Ripple Partner Currencycloud Now Provides Payments Solution for Skubana in 180 Countries

Ripple partner Currencycloud has teamed up with Skubana in order to set up a payment service solution for its customers

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Currencycloud, major provider of embedded B2B solutions for cross-border payments, has joined forces with Skubana, according to an article published on the Currencycloud website.

Payments in 30 currencies over 180 countries

Skubana is a major software company for e-commerce operations based in the U.S. It has teamed up with Currencycloud, a Ripple partner, in order to give its customers an extensive cross-border payments solution to broaden the circle of destinations for clients, reduce fees for sending payments and make funds travel faster.

It would allow them to send and receive funds, choosing between 30 currencies from almost 200 countries.

Clients will be able to send and receive payments after Currencycloud adds its solution to Skubana and improves its transnational payments infrastructure.

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Turning Skubana into a truly international payments platform

The founder of Skubana, Chad Rubin, believes that cooperation with Currencycloud is going to help Skubana become a real international platform.

Customers will be able to send their payments in the local currency, and recipients will be able to receive it in their local fiat currency too; that's the benefit of collaborating with the Ripple partner.

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