IOHK Senior Researcher Explains Why Cardano's Marlowe Is Better Than Solidity

Cardano (ADA) is dead serious about dApps onboarding with its own programming language, Marlowe. Why is it attracting developers? Prof. Simon Thompson has an answer

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Senior research fellow at the Input Output Hong Kong development studio behind Cardano (ADA) blockchain solutions, Professor Simon Thompson, has outlined all of the advantages of the Marlowe programming language.

Industry-focused language

As highlighted by Mr. Thompson, Marlowe is designed specially for financial contracts and not for general purpose blockchain tasks. The difference is striking between Cardano's (ADA) Marlowe and both Ethereum's Solidity and Bitcoin's Script.

Thus, Marlowe is the language of choice for decentralized financial applications (DeFis). Prof. Thompson indicated a number of red-hot use cases addressed my Marlowe: direct peer-to-peer lending, contracts for difference (CFD) and other DeFi tools.

However, the researcher is sure that Marlowe needn't be tied to Cardano (ADA). Despite the fact that Charles Hoskinson's company pioneered Marlowe's development, other blockchains may leverage its instruments in the future.

The "DeFi-focused" essence of Marlowe is emphasized by its ability to create instruments that use external data sources (ADA/BTC price feed, etc.) through sophisticated decentralized oracles.

Cardano (ADA) aspires to be developers' Holy Grail

Furthermore, Prof. Thompson announced yet another generous community initiative for Cardanians. A total of $15,000 in cryptocurrency will be distributed among the winners of two hackathons in October. Marlowe Playground, a simulated environment for dApps building, will onboard the challengers in these events.

Advanced developer experience is the key focus for Cardano (ADA) blockchain in 2021. As covered by CryptoComes recently, this statement is included in the updated Cardano Community roadmap.

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ADA holders, stake pool operators, validators and entrepreneurs represent other groups of importance for Cardano's (ADA) progress.

Cardano (ADA) will be able to onboard smart contracts in Goguen, the era that will start after Shelley. During this ongoing stage, decentralization and reliable staking are two main milestones to achieve.

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