First Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Web Interface Released by Prysmatic Labs. What Else is Added by New Release?

Oct. 12 has brought two big updates on ETH2's progress: web interface launched and Zinken testnet goes live. Clients start their transition to beta mainnet

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Today, Oct. 12, Ethereum (ETH) developer Preston van Loon, cofounder of Prysmatic Labs software studio, has published an update in Prysm's GitHub. Here's why this release is a special one for every Ethereum 2.0 enthusiast.

Last release before transition to beta brings web interface

According to Mr. van Loon, all who experiment with the Prysm client should double-check their settings. The next release will remove all deprecated flags, as Prysm v1.0.0-alpha29 is the last build before the transition to the beta mainnet.


Prysmatic Labs launch web UI for ETH2
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Also, with the latest Prysm releases, the first-ever web interface for Ethereum 2.0 validation is up and running. It significantly reduced the requirement of technical skills needed to participate in Ethereum 2.0 staking.

Recently, Raul Jordan, Go developer in Prysmatic Labs, shared the screenshot of the web interface dashboard. It provides the network participant with all necessary information and looks fairly intuitive and well designed.

ETH2 web interfaces
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Additionally, the new release has brought some improvements in terms of peer-to-peer interaction between validators in Ethereum 2.0. That's what the Prysm client will meet the beta mainnet stage with.

Zinken testnet goes live

Prysm competitors from Bitfly, an Austria-based development team, have announced that Zinken testnet launches on Oct. 12. It should replace the unsuccessful short-term testnet, Spadina, which failed to reach finality.

ZN testnet goes live
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As covered by CryptoComes previously, on Sep. 29, Spadina failed to synchronize with Prysm operators and, thus, did not manage to connect enough validators.

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At press time, well-known Ethereum (ETH) developer Afri Schoedon confirmed that Zinken ETH2 testnet reached its finality on Epoch 2. Mr. Schoedon estimates this result as 'almost perfect' one.

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2) is a proof of stake (PoS) iteration of the Ethereum protocol. It will replace mining with staking and split the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet into a network of interconnected shards.

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