EOS Not Marketed by CEO Blumer Explains Why

Will get back to promoting EOS in 2021? Brendan Blumer sheds some light

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Members of the EOS community raised concerns about's marketing strategy. Here's what CEO and cofounder Brendan Blumer answered, and what has planned for 2021.

"We don't market EOS"

Regular New Year congratulations in a Twitter post by's CEO ended with a discussion about the corporation's marketing efforts. EOS community enthusiasts asked Mr. Blumer about the reasons for the project's inactivity in this field.

Regarding transparency, you mentioned once that B1 would begin marketing EOS. Ever since B1 settled with the SEC we’ve seen little to no marketing in 2020. My opinion, B1 doesn’t want to get in trouble with the SEC. Will B1 at least start marketing the EOSIO software this year?

Mr. Blumer answered that only has marketing plans for products using EOS.IO open-source software approved by corresponding regulation bodies. That said, does not promote EOS but closely monitors the status of regulatory approval of its projects.

However, EOS community members recalled that EOS.IO software was aggressively promoted during its record-breaking public tokensale in 2017-2018. Then, abandoned the marketing of EOS as it does not serve its purposes.

Mr. Blumer added that attended and hosted cryptocurrency events and will resume this activity in future.

Ambitious plans for 2021

Asked about the accurate roadmap for Voice, a flagship EOS-based social media service, Mr. Blumer stressed that his team is 'actively engaged with regulators to bring desired products to market with their approvals.

In 2020,'s key officers repeatedly highlighted that EOS will surpass Ethereum. As covered by CryptoComes previously, CTO Daniel Larimer doubted the DeFi capabilities of the second cryptocurrency.

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