XRP Flare Fork Participants Can Now Claim Spark in One Click Through Exodus Crypto Wallet

One more popular cryptocurrencies service has released an instrument to claim Spark tokens. Exodus XRP holders can enjoy seamless claiming experience

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Launched back in 2015, Exodus multi-currency crypto wallet can be considered a veteran of the decentralized payment solutions segment. It supports all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Eos (EOS) and XRP, as well as 100+ crypto tokens. Now the Exodus team has announced support for Flare fork.

Exodus users can claim XRP in one click

Yesterday, Sept. 25, a user of Exodus Wallet who goes by @DiverseInvestm1 on Twitter asked the Exodus crypto wallet team about the possibility of participation in the Spark token airdrop. Responding to the requests of customers, Exodus implemented the instrument for Spark to claim the upcoming build of its application.

Starting from version v20.9.5 of the Exodus Desktop wallet application, Spark tokens can be claimed by users in one click. Thus, all XRP holders who are considering participation in the much anticipated Flare fork can request Spark without leaving their wallets.

New features will be available on both PC (Mac, Windows, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android) releases of the Exodus application. Users should open the "XRP" section of their accounts and click on a special icon.

The Exodus team informed XRP holders that an additional fee of 0.0003 XRP may be charged to perform this operation.

XRP holders from different services can participate in Flare fork

While the XRP community inches closer to the mid-December release of the Flare network, more and more services are releasing additional instruments for the Spark airdrop. For instance, leading centralized crypto lender Cred reported an update that includes such an option.

Also, XRPL Labs lead developer Wietse Wind has prepared a manual and software for non-custodial holders of XRP (e.g., from XUMM) who decided to claim Spark.

Spark tokens will be airdropped 1:1 to the XRP coin amount stored in the user's wallet as per the moment of the "snapshot event." They will be utilized on FXRP, a new blockchain where XRP payment tools will be empowered with smart contracts.

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