Tezos Now Backs the Emittance of TokenSoft’s Security Tokens

TokenSoft, a platform for the emittance and storing of digital assets, spreads the word about the coming collaboration with Tezos regarding the issuing of security tokens

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The announcement was made on Monday on TokenSoft’s Medium blog. From now on, the company’s customers can emit their digital securities on it, fully compliant ones.

Apart from tokenizing securities, customers will be able to manage them through a mechanism of cold storage for crypto custody used by enterprises, dubbed Knox.

Taking cooperation with Tezos to a new level

Mason Borda, the head of TokenSoft, has stated that the company’s collaboration with Tezos started more than a year ago, so what is happening now is a logical continuation of that.

Now that Tezos has implemented a multi-signature mechanism and smart contracts version FA1.2, TokenSoft is able to go much further and start offering its customers the ability to issue tokenized assets.

Other plans for TokenSoft and Tezos collaboration

As the Medium post mentions, the company also intends to use the Tezos DLT platform for services to do with storing crypto assets in cold vaults and producing digital tokens as replacement for securities.

Tezos is believed to be an ideal partner for that, offering quality services in the sphere of smart contracts, contracts with a multi-signature feature and similar features.

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