Now CoinMarketCap Users Can Earn Band Protocol (BAND) Tokens While Studying Crypto. Here's How

Band Protocol (BAND) joins the CoinMarketCap Earn initiative as an inaugural partner. Why is this important for the crypto newbies community?

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Within the framework of Binance's CoinMarketCap educational initiative, blockchain newbies can earn rewards in cryptocurrencies for successfully completed tasks. Band Protocol and its BAND token have been chosen as an inaugural partner for this initiative.

"Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto"

This is the motto of a new educational program launched by CoinMarketCap, a top-level crypto analytics vendor. Crypto enthusiasts are invited to learn about the products listed by CoinMarketCap, their technological innovations and native assets.

Users can watch short educational videos and complete quizzes about the products. Those who answer correctly will be awarded prizes in tokens. The CoinMarketCap team treats this initiative as a secure way to upgrade broad understanding of what is happening in crypto markets right now:

Acquire cryptoassets in a fun and low risk way, by watching videos and testing your knowledge.

This program will cover numerous assets. BAND, the native token of Band Protocol and tasked with building a multi-purpose decentralized oracles network, has been introduced as an inaugural partner of the initiative.

The first round of the campaign, supported by Band Protocol (BAND), will last for 8 days. The net prize pool designated by the team is the equivalent of $160,000.

What is Band Protocol (BAND)?

Launched in 2017, Band Protocol (BAND) is focused on challenging Chainlink's (LINK) dominance in the segment of decentralized on-chain data oracles. It allows smart contracts to gather data through API integration in a permissionless manner.

Band Protocol (BAND) users can build customized oracle infrastructure utilizing onBandChain, a decentralized oracle network of validators built on top of a delegated proof of stake (dPoS) consensus.

BAND token is a nucleus of Band Protocol tokenomics. It allows its tokenholders to participate in providing data for the oracles as well as to vote in protocol governance. Thus, it acts as an economic incentive for users and guarantees a high level of manipulation resistance.

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