Monero (XMR) Launches Bootleg TV Station, Adds New Development Library

Monero (XMR), the world's leading privacy-focused blockchain, has launched a private television channel to promote the project and release new development tools

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Monero Outreach, an independent working group tasked with the promotion of Monero (XMR) solutions, has announced the launch of Monero TV. The new product will deliver exclusive content with a focus on Monero (XMR) progress.

Monero (XMR) on air

According to its introductory description, Monero TV is a newly launched bootleg television station. It will promote Monero (XMR) content, and any community member can share his/her ideas by tagging @Monero_TV on Twitter.

The first episode of Monero TV's inaugural productWord On The Street talk showis dedicated to Monero (XMR) utilization as a payment tool for illicit darknet markets.

The team at Samourai Wallet, a privacy instrument for transactional data obfuscation, will discuss the possible effects on Bitcoin (BTC) of Monero's (XMR) increasing dominance in darknet.

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As covered previously by CryptoComes, a new "regulatory whitepaper" by Monero and Tari lawyers has been released. It emphasizes that no further restrictions will be useful in the sphere of privacy coins. Experts claim that this whitepaper represents a new-gen approach to privacy coin regulation.

Introducing Monero CPP

Also, an anonymous Monero contributor known as @calciferciccio shared that one more interesting development instrument for Monero-based solutions has been released.

Monero CPP is a C++ library designed for creating Monero-based applications through "wrapping" Monero Core instruments. The new release supports offline, view-only and multi-signature wallets. According to information published in its main GitHub repository, a well defined API specification and data model will make its developer experience intuitive.

A toolkit of notifications about transactional events is included in the product's functionality. It also supports integration with Java- and JavaScript-written systems.

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