Klever App (KLV) Expands to UAE Market, Integrates ZPAYae Solutions

All-in-one decentralized cryptocurrencies ecosystem Klever has announced important collaboration. Klever breaks into the UAE market with ZPAYae token integration

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The Klever ecosystem includes a blockchain wallet, decentralized token swap instrument, blockchain portfolio tracker, blockchain browser and accounting tools. It supports all major cryptocurrencies, but the latest addition to its suite is crucial for the Arab market.

ZPAE, a leading UAE digital asset, goes live on Klever

It has been announced today, Sept. 6, that the Klever multi-currency storage and exchange ecosystem is adding ZPAE, a unique cryptocurrency issued by ZPAYaeflagship Arab fintech firm.

Since Klever seamlessly supports both Tron and Ethereum blockchains, the new token will interact with both ERC20 and TRC20 assets. According to the Klever team, this integration continues a long-term collaboration between Klever and ZPAYae. New milestones in this cooperation will be disclosed soon.

As unveiled by the ZPAYae team, it addresses the sphere of digital currencies remittances in the Arab world. Users of ZPAYae can transfer Emirati dirham with a single clock or use it for investment opportunities.

ZPAE holders can also benefit from ZPAYae ecosystem progress across the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

ZPAE for B2B and B2C

The Klever team also unveiled that the invoice function (the "Charge" tab) is introduced for ZPAE tokens. This function will allow merchants of all sorts to accept ZPAE in a seamless and decentralized manner.

As covered recently by CryptoComes, Klever has announced its collaboration with the Cred lending/borrowing platform. Within this framework, all Klever users can earn on their dormant cryptocurrencies with no need to leave the Klever wallet.

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Also, LBA, a native asset of Cred, has been added to Klever's patented decentralized cross-chain swap mechanism. The inaugural toolkit of trading pairs include Bitcoin (BTC), Klever (KLV), Tron (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT).

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