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Every cryptocurrency investor has to stay in the loop in order to make the right money moves. The obvious question is how to grapple through a huge variety of cryptocurrency outlets.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin News is an Android app that functions as a news aggregator. In addition to the most popular news outlets, it also features popular ranking sites, such as CoinMarketCap and WhatToMine.    
The app has a very simplistic design – you see all the latest headlines from the get-go. In case you are looking for something specific (say, Bitcoin or Ethereum news), you can search it with the help of relevant keywords. The story is available once you click on the headline.

If you want to read all news pieces published by one of your favorite sources – simply swipe the screen to open the tab with the whole list of sources. All important publications can be bookmarked if you use the ‘Favorites’ option.

The feed can be refreshed automatically refreshed every five minutes, but you can also set up a bigger time interval. You can also receive automatic notifications.

On its PlayMarket page, the app has a solid score of 4.7/5, which means that an overwhelming majority of users are satisfied with its performance.

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Alex Dovbnya

Alex covers all things crypto — from major projects, which are fighting tooth and nail to gain the upper hand in the burgeoning industry, to the latest regulatory trends around the world. He’s a firm believer that Blockchain has the potential to reshape pretty much every business out there, and cryptocurrencies are only a stepping stone to the upcoming decentralized revolution.