Cardano (ADA) Updates Documentation, Releases New Daedalus Flight Wallet. See Full List of Changes

Input Output Hong Kong software firm tasked with Cardano (ADA) blockchain development continues to upgrade post-Shelley infrastructure

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Charles Hoskinson, CEO and co-founder of Input Output, has celebrated the new documentation of Cardano (ADA) and its upgraded light wallet.

Why is Cardano (ADA) network's design best in crypto?

In his recent tweet, Mr. Hoskinson shared the contents of a new paper about Cardano’s design, its unique features and use cases, dubbed "Introduction to the Design of the Data Diffusion and Networking for Cardano Shelley."

Duncan Coutts, Neil Davies, Marcin Szamotulski and Peter Thompson, officers at Input Output HK, have contributed to this impressive text.

Mr. Hoskinson stressed once more that Cardano (ADA) blockchain has the best design of all cryptocurrency products. ADA supremacy has been achieved due to flexibility, attack resistance and the high performance of its system:

It learns, deals with attacks and has incredible performance.

As covered recently by CryptoComes, after successful activation of the long-anticipated Shelley hardfork, Mr. Hoskinson called his project the proper example of proof-of-stake consensus.

Community is excited about new Daedalus Flight release

On the same day, Input Output HK shipped an updated version of the light Cardano (ADA) wallet, Daedalus Flight. It supports the manual transfer of ADA funds from outdated Byron wallets and the restoration of Yoroi Shelley wallets.

Also, off-chain data aggregation solutions improve fetching stake pools. But for the vast majority of ADA supporters, the reduction of synchronization time is the most exciting novelty.

According to a statement by Input Output HK, the improvements advance all aspects of blockchain performance:

It includes a number of performance improvements to sync times & epoch boundary transition times across all platforms, as well as a reduction in the time required to verify the previously-recorded blocks.

Mr. Hoskinson asked ADA users to share their feedback with him.  Almost all testers applauded the upgrade and appreciated the improved synchronization mechanism.

It's faster than it has ever been. My fastest 0 to 100% was 80 minutes and now I synced in 30 minutes.

Some of the enthusiasts even managed to launch their Cardano (ADA) wallet on laptops from the pre-Bitcoin era.

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