BitTorrent (BTT) Acquires DLive Streaming Platform, Introduces BitTorrent X

Tron Foundation (TRX) announces that DLive decentralized streaming platform will soon be acquired by BitTorrent Inc.

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Tron Foundation (TRX) shared updates on a major reorganization that covers products under its umbrella. BitTorrent (BTT) distributed data storage ecosystem acquires pioneering decentralized streaming platform DLive.

BitTorrent X: when decentralization meets streams

According to the press release shared with Cryptocomes, BitTorrent Inc. (BTT) announces plans to acquire streaming platform and all its services. The new system will therefore act as a full-stack conglomerate of decentralized content storage and sharing under the name of BitTorrent X.

With the new acquisition, all elements of BitTorrentX will interact with each other to ensure supremacy in the peer-to-peer technologies segment. BitTorrent File System (BTFS) will be in charge of decentralized file storage, while BitTorrent (BTT) will act as the distribution arm of the new project.

The DLive platform and its resource will leverage these decentralized instruments to deliver high-quality video streaming content.

Previously, the DLive platform was hosted by the Steem (STEEM) blockchain, but it subsequently migrated to Lino, another part of the Tron (TRX) blockchain ecosystem. It is focused on video game streaming and inked an exclusive endorsement partnership with record-breaking blogger PewDiePie.

One more step to truly decentralized internet

Justin Sun, founder of Tron Foundation (TRX) and CEO of BitTorrent (BTT), highly ranks the role of the new cross-product platform in the progress of new technologies worldwide:

BitTorrent X is the next step in establishing a truly decentralized internet. In one big step, the BitTorrent X ecosystem may drive blockchain-related tools to billions of devices.

The acquisition will be a crucial step for DLive as it means a new period in its progress, as emphasized by Charles Wayn, CEO of DLive:

The acquisition marks a new start for We are more than excited to join the BitTorrent ecosystem as the collaboration will provide us with more innovative solutions to empower content creators and reward communities.

BitTorrent Token (BTT) will act as the main economic incentive and backbone for rewards within the newly created ecosystem. Also, the BitTorrent X launch will be a catalyst for massive real-world adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies, according to Tron Foundation.

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