Bitmarket Co-Owner Allegedly Commits Suicide After Closing Down His Exchange

Tobias Niemiro believed that he was the victim of the whole predicament given that he lost everything he had 

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Polish businessman Tobias Niemiro, one of the co-founders of the now-defunct Bitmarket cryptocurrency exchange, has been found dead in a forest near his home town of Olsztyn, local newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports.

According to preliminary information, he died from a shot in the head with his own weapon. 

Losing everything

In his interview with, right on the brink of his sudden death, Niemiro weighed in on the collapse of Bitmarket, claiming that he himself lost everything since managing funds was out of the scope of his responsibilities. 

His reputation also took a hit given that he had to face the anger of disgruntled investors:

I’m losing face and my good name, for which I’ve worked all my life. I am one of the victims.

Bitmarket customers lost more than $23 mln after the exchange suddenly closed the shop two weeks due to ‘lack of liquidity.’

The plot thickens

Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza claims that Niemiro ‘probably’ committed suicide. However, Adam Socha, one of his acquaintances, recently published a lengthy post about an email the Bitmarket co-founder sent him prior to his death.

It turns out that Niemiro was surrounded by crooked businessmen who might have pulled the trigger instead of him.  

He gave the names. I will not disclose its content due to the good of the investigation, I forwarded the emails to the prosecutor's office.

Notably, Niemiro also promised to provide ‘certain materials,’ but he never managed to do that.

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