CryptoGames kick starts its Premium VIP membership for users!

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A well-known crypto gaming site has launched a whole new updated VIP program for its community of users. A representative of CryptoGames, claimed that the new VIP program was created to satiate the ever growing numbers of CryptoGames’ users. “This VIP membership has tons of benefits that improve the overall quality of gambling in CryptoGames”, he said. “We hope the program will motivate our existing members and draw new gamblers to the casino as well”, he added.

The Premium VIP Membership is applicable for top players of the monthly wagering contests in CryptoGames. “The top five players on Ethereum and Bitcoin, top three players on Litecoin and the top player on the rest of the coins can apply for VIP membership”, the representative said.

One of the benefits of this new system is the reduced house edge for VIP members. “VIP players get the exclusive benefit of playing with only 0.8% House Edge, less than 20% from what others get.”

VIP members also experience no server-side delay and complete wagers with ease. They also get the benefit of greater limits on onsite exchange. When asked how the new limit is going to benefit VIP users, the representative replied “We value our users time. We don’t want our high rollers to waste their time exchanging currencies in an external exchange in between games”. 

“We have also created a VIP chatroom for the VIP players”, the casino spokesman said, “this chatroom will allow players to communicate with each other in a more discreet manner. They also have direct contact with us through the chat channel.”

VIP members will also have a [VIP] tag appear beside every message they sent, and this shows off the VIP status of VIP members to other gamblers of the community. 

CryptoGames likes to send gifts from time to time to their valued users. “We never forget about our VIP members birthday. They receive $50 worth of bitcoins during their special day”, the representative added. This benefit is applicable for VIP members who have completed tier 3 or higher tiers of verification (KYC) and can be claimed by informing Support right before one’s birthday through email.

VIP players are granted another lucrative benefit in Lotto. VIP Members are given 5 free lottery tickets for the 2nd Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin lottery round during the month!

The spokesperson further added, “Our VIP members will also be gifted with vouchers codes through their emails! The type of coin that helped members earn the VIP tag will determine the quality and value of the voucher code given to each member.” These vouchers are distributed to the VIP members on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of every month. The vouchers expire after three months and can be applied anytime within that duration.

“We hope this attractive VIP program will generously reward the VIPS users to a new heights and provide them with a pleasant experience”, the casino representative said. 

About CryptoGames
CryptoGames is a stellar online casino that provides a multitude of extravagant services to its hordes of users.  Owned and operated by a company named MuchGaming B.V and the casino is under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government. In spite of its geographical location, the casino has peers from all over the world, who are extremely satisfied with the services the casino provides, such as the new VIP program launched by the gambling site.



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