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Wyohackathon is a month-long virtual hackathon. The launch party in our 3D/2D VR environment starts Friday evening Sept 25th including virtual participants from anywhere.

A persistent virtual environment will be active for the duration of the month.

DevCon — Developer Conference content will be available on a schedule throughout the month. Challenges will have an initial sprint milestone due Sunday 27th with a show and tell. Final polished projects and judging happens on October 24th.

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Start Date:
Wed, 09/23/2020
End Date:
Sat, 10/24/2020
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Tim Draper,
Caitlin Long,
Governor Mark Gordon,
Under Secretary Paul M. Dabbar,
Representative Tyler Lindholm,
Bryan Bishop,
Scott Stornetta,
Ed Seidel,
Kyle Wiley,
Conner Prochaska,


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