Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital 2020 and Blockchain Gamer LIVE! Digital #1

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Bringing the very best of Pocket Gamer Connects into digital form

Learn from leading global experts, connect with developers, publishers, investors, tool-makers, monetisation companies and more – all without leaving the home or office!

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Start Date:
Mon, 09/14/2020
End Date:
Fri, 09/18/2020
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Reine Abbas, COO & Co-founder of Wixel Studios
JOÃO ABRANTES, Managing Director of Block Bastards
Joakim Achren, Founder & CEO of Elite Game Developers
ALLAN ADHAM, Publishing Manager of Kwalee
SATU AHLMAN, Founder of Saga Performance
Shahid Ahmad, Director of Crescent Code
Angelo Alcid, Cloud Partner Contracts Manager of Google


  • The Growth Track
  • Global Trends
  • Game Maker Insights
  • Live OPS Landscape
  • The Developer Toolkit
  • Monetiser
  • Big Screen Gaming
  • Industry Visions & Values
  • Incredible Indies
  • Esports + Influencers
  • Beyond Games