Block Sec 2020

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This conference will provide groundbreaking insight on the security use cases and mechanisms with technologies leading the Web 3.0 (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and 5G) evolution. Join us in connecting to the pioneers, early believers, highly influential and established opinion leaders. BlockSec Conference will welcome more than 400+ top experts, influencers, and strategists from across the world in Cybersecurity, FinTech, Banking, and Big Data.

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Start Date:
Thu, 09/17/2020
End Date:
Thu, 09/17/2020
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Dr. Rob Spalding III,
Dr. Michael Owens,
Dr. Robin Lam,
Paul Foley,
Talia Boiangin,
Silvan Jongerius ,
Richard Dennis,
James Beamon,


  • GDPR Compliance & Privacy in Deep-Tech
  • Blockchain Security Auditing
  • CTEXMarkets: Trading and Cryptocurrency
  • Data Protection and Risk Management
  • Secure Distributed Applications on a Side Chain
  • NAACP: Minorities in Tech and the Current Economy
  • Privacy Law and Cyber Civil Rights
  • Secure Architecture and Cryptography
  • Veterans in Cybersecurity
  • Women in Tech: The Path to an IT Career
  • Protection of U.S Infrastructure – Paths to Success
  • Blockchain Research and Development
  • Social Impact and Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Dapps
  • Cryptocurrency Security and Correlation of Cryptography
  • Cloud Development Security: How to Build Blockchain Project using AWS
  • Key Note: 5G and the U.S./China Relations
  • AI and Malware: How are Viruses Changing?
  • World War III: The New Digital Warfare
  • Emergence of Fintech: Technology Impact on the Financial Industry (Panel Discussion)
  • Cybersecurity Training – How to Start Your Career the Correct Way